Opening business in Poland – Artykuł

Opening business in Poland – Artykuł

Opening  business  in Poland

In Poland, there is huge possibility of earning money on franchising firms, and some other projects and investments like Galeries, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets.

Stating firm , a the time are not to long, it’s about 2 months for all procedures, and the status of the firm are: Stock exchange firm, Corporations, Joint Venture, Entrepreneurships and other  firm with status , stated in KRS – so called Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy , at Polish Firm Court located in Warsaw.

Poland has a lot of big firms and conglomerates, stated and quoted on WSE – Warsaw Stock Exchange, some firms are quoted from Middle European Region of EU- European Union, such as Ukraine firms and other firms from other countries can be listed.

To biggest firms belong banks, Pekao S.A , today Uni Credit Group, PKO BP S.A. ,  BRE, KB Kredyt Bank , ING – Bank Śląski , insurance firms such as PZU with it’s 7,5 billion dollars for investment and  such as big copper producent on international markets as KGHM having it’s investments in such coutries like on the Africa Continent. Other are:  Prokom Software, Orlen PKN, and other.

Polish income per household is becoming higher and there is bigger consumption opportunity on the market, there are many firms , especially these in Internet which are the markets and selling many products from abroad, such products like : clothes, shoes, cars, houses, flats, apartments,  and other products, selling them directly to the customers.

Main taxes are 5%, 8%, 23% VAT- Value added tax and income tax 18% and 32 % progressive and main corporate tax is 21% . So stating firm in Poland takes 2 months , capital, other procedures and paying taxes.

Recently most polpular is becoming in Poland stating the firm on Franchise rules,  firm which has its subsidiary for sole entrepreneurs according to the biggest Franchising Magazine –  ‘Własny biznes’ – Franchising Magazine and its offering many smaller and bigger Franchise Enterprises.

Polish Citizens are earning more and more money and stating its own businesses  , while being abroad, especially in UK – Great Britain, and working there, approximately 2 millions people emigrated there and are going to earn for It’s own business in Poland or abroad.

According to the European – EU Law there can be stated International firm with its subsidiary in EU in many countries or country of main stream of Business. The business can be provided in whole EU and paying taxes in one of the countries.

On the data above , It can be said that there are many possibilities of doing business in Poland and in other countries of EU and knowing the EU Law or Polish Law gives possibility of doing business on high level American standards.

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