Mój artykuł na temat sytuacji gospodarczej w Polsce

Mój artykuł na temat sytuacji gospodarczej w Polsce

Article about European Markets, and Polish market

POLAND in EU – European Union

At the begining of an article there should be mentioned that Poland as a country in EU is at the doorsteps of restructuralization and there are huge inwestments in infrastructure and commercial and residential investment from the side of developers and big investors from other coutries from EU capitalist investors and US investors the same way.

Poland GDP prospective is going to grow up in 2011 for about 4.4% accordingly to the GDP growth from 2010 for up near 4.5%. The stock exchange is stabilized and for this and  upcoming year 2012  there will be some newcomers quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as it goes about WIG and WIG20 and mWIG –stock exchange indicators. There are big structure investments in infrastructure and commercial markets and shops in upcoming year before EURO 2012 Poland-Ukraine. Huge investment in Euro 2012 is bigger than expected, use of private equity in firms is becoming bigger and bigger. Bigger worth of Polish currency Złoty – PLN , bigger gains in Export statistics. There is opportunity of much more influence on Polish Export.

Polish currency unit PLN – ‘Polski Nowy Złoty’ is correlated mainly to the Euro and US Dollar in nearly 80%- 90% and is becoming leader in Eastern EU – Europe Countries.

Estimated PKB – National Economic Growth for period 2011 is 4 % in a year time, year to year and estimated for 2012 for about 3% or a little bit more. By the organization ‘Instytut Globalizacji’ Poland as  a country obtained 29 place and by the World Economic Forum 39 place in the world. There is opportunity to set up Polish Silicon Valley in some regions of Poland according to the article from Newspaper – ‘Rzeczpospolita’.  According to finanacial situation in Polish cities there is opportunity to set a lot of new ‘cultural and economic events’ in the biggest cities in Poland such as Wrocław, Poznań, Warsaw, Katowice, Cracow, Trójmiasto-  Gdańsk- Sopot- Gdynia, and Lublin , Rzeszów – east parts of Poland –EU.  Polish Universities are offering Managemnet studies on the level of Western part of EU and coherent to the MBA program in the USA, in such cities like Warsaw – private Kozminski Business School and public SGH- Szkoła Główna Handlowa and University of Economics in Cracow , Poznań and Wrocław. The situation of Polish credibility is higher than expected and is aproximately on the level of A- apart from such countries like Italy A+.

As it goes about polish airports between polish cities about 946 thousand people had flown by airplane in year 2010 and  it’s 9.3 % growth.

Polish city Krynica Zdrój has hosted polish economic forum in this beautiful mountain city and it hosted such well known polish politics and european managers and investors.

Poland obtained 67.3 billions Euro in dotations for the projects to end of 2015 for such projects like ‘Infrastructure and environment’ ,‘Human Supplies’ ,‘Innovation economy’, and ‘technical help’ and ‘ European territorial cooperation’ in a number of 27.9 billions Euro help.

There are some supplies of Polish gas which can be produced in a number of gas landfills for supplies of polish economy or even for export for about 100 years from now, the projects of producing polish gas is invested by American firms.

As far as Poland goes forward as more about economy we know, and much better projects we introduce. It’s best opportunity for American investors to have its projects in the fastest growing economy in the region. Believe it’s the way for investors to be quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange and to be listed and for Polish export better opportunity to obtain funds for development on the levels of polish currency.


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